Margarita Day

We really as a Nation celebrate a National Margarita Day? All I have to say is WOW!! I guess we will do anything to celebrate and have an excuse to drink. But I am seriously baffled by this and I am not hating, but why don’t we have more drink days then? Why not have a National Long Island Day or a Mojito Day, bring on more holidays!! Not much else on the mind besides Carmelo Anthony getting traded to the Knicks, good luck and good move for both teams. All in all, you can’t change the crazy holiday, so might as well endorse it… bottoms up 🙂


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4day weekend get away

Finally all packed up and ready to go. Sleeping in a bed roll inside a tent for the next 3 nights. It always feels good to go stay outdoors for a weekend. No cell phone, no computer, no vehicles, no people, no buildings, etc… I’m excited to get some fresh air and enjoy the wildlife. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Presidents Day on Monday so everyone gets an extra day to relax or party. Hope it doesn’t rain to much, packed extra gear just to be prepared. Time to get a little mud on the tires yall….

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the return of the step bro

So my stepbrother Ronnie Welty returned from Australia today. It is great to see him and he returned back with so many shot glasses and boomerangs, good stuff brother! Ronnie is in the Baltimore Orioles baseball organization and he is extremely talented and he was playing in the ABL out there for a professional team. His team ended up winning the championship and he even hit two home runs in one game including a grand slam!  Very proud of him and I am glad he is my step brother. Anyways, after looking at all the amazing pictures he took, I want to go there even more now. I have always wanted to go to Australia, so this must happen someday. I doubt you can bring back a kangaroo, but I think I might give it a shot and pack one up in my bad and tell them that its a stuffed animal if they ask at the airport. Have a good day mate….

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mountain dew…

I am obsessed with the worlds best soda ever created “mountain dew”. It really is the best soda in a can, bottle, or in a glass with ice. Some are just good from the fountain drinks some are only good in a bottle and some taste terrible in a can. Dr Pepper is terrible, they focused on putting to many flavors and forgot the one that matters “good”. Seriously the creator must have just poured in 23 other sodas and weird syrups to make the nastyness. But anyways mountain dew is the topic because I got a new “dew” aka haircut…. First time in forever! Ashlee did amazing and I am diggin my little party in the back mullet look. I still am really glad the steelers lost 🙂 and speaking of football…. I don’t understand why the players are complaining or what exactly is going on…. All in all, football can’t dissapear or there will be an enormous increase in divorces next year lol


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typical tuesday…

I hate it when I go to bed and I forget to turn my swag off…. but anyways, I drank my coffee listened to my Pandora and I realized I have been wearing a hat or a beanie for quite some time now. My hair is way to long so today might be the day I get it cut. But I have yet to convince myself 100% to cut it so only time will tell. Valentines is like a week away and I don’t get the concept of Cupid being the iconic person for the holiday. He is kind of chubby and weird looking and he is running around with a weapon… kind of strange if you ask me. Glad the Steelers lost in the Super Bowl 45, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers deserved it. The commercials were nothing special but I chuckled at a few. Props to Eminem for being in the one commercial…. semi trying to make a name and bring back Motor City or Detroit. Drawing a blank on what else to type so I am out of here.

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old school days…

TAG you’re it!! … can’t catch meeeeee (nanner nanner face)

4square was a baller game not a crazy stalker app!!

tether ball was unfair for us short people!! … but now im tall suckas!!

remember how good you felt after a good solid chicken fight…. the old school days |monkey bars|

good day

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Super Bowl Commercials

It’s that time of the year again when we watch another pointless Super Bowl because NOBODY likes the STEELERS or the PACKERS!!!! jk don’t get all but hurt, but we all do enjoy and look forward to the awesome commercials. I can’t believe companys spend like 2.5 million on like a 30 second commercial, WOW!!!


what is everyone’s all time favorite Super Bowl commercial(s)…..


personal favorites:


SNICKERS-betty white

-GODADDY and ETRADE have been doing work

-DORITOS had a good one last year (kid slapping dad)

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